About Via Foundation


Who We Are

Via Foundation is an independent Czech foundation committed to community and philanthropy development in the Czech Republic. Via Foundation was established in 1997 to carry on the work of the Czech office of the American Foundation for a Civil Society. Since then, thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have supported almost 4,000 projects in Czech communities.




What We Do

Our mission has always been to engage in community development and spread the art of giving in the Czech Republic.

What does this mean in practical terms? Via Foundation provides grant and educational support to people and non-profit organizations who share a drive to change our shared environment for the better. In 2015, Via Foundation supported 281 projects and awarded $573,000.




Markoušovice is a small village near Trutnov in Northeastern Bohemia with 311 residents. It was an independent municipality until 1981, when it was annexed by another town. Gradually, Markoušovice lost its post office, store and school along with many community activities. The original village commons was replaced with an asphalt intersection with a parking lot and grassy area that sees little use. Now a group of residents is working to change the site into a functional village commons that will bring people together. Their enthusiasm is snowballing, as more and more of their neighbors turn from skepticism about the project to engagement in the design and planning process, which Via Foundation supported with a grant of $12,000.




Bečice is a picturesque village in South Bohemia with a census count of 74 permanent residents. For generations, the property in front of the town hall has been the source of ownership disputes that have divided the villagers into two camps. However, in 2014 a new mayor was elected who seek to move beyond thorny issues of the past and bring the villagers together. Bečice has decided to transform the disputed site into a community gathering place through a design and planning process open to all residents. With a grant of $12,000 from Via Foundation and assistance with engaging residents, the community of Bečice is on its way to a new era in its history!



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