Supporting Czech Communities


Is a 501 (c) 3 organization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which supports Via Foundation, an independent Czech foundation that is committed to community and philanthropy development in the Czech Republic. Friends of Via gives American donors an easy tax-deductible way to donate to Via Foundation and other Czech non-profit organizations.

Friends of Via supports Via Foundation in “Building the Future, One Community at a Time.”

For the past 24 years, Via Foundation has been supporting people and organizations which are changing Czech communities. Each year Via Foundation provides grants, mentoring and learning opportunities to hundreds of citizen groups across the Czech Republic.

To make a donation to Via Foundation, please click here.


  • Over 40 Czech organizations have initiated fundraising drives on to help victims of the war in Ukraine. See Via’s overview of fundraising drives and links here.
  • Via Foundation’s Young Philanthropists program enables children and young people to try out philanthropy firsthand. During the pandemic they had to think of creative ways to put on charity events and community engagement projects; read more here.
  • Via’s program Don’t Be Afraid of Local Politics offers guidance to community leaders who are considering running for local office – people who want to take the next step and serve their community from a municipal vantage point. Read more about how we guide them here.
  • In this article, Via Foundation director Zdenek Mihalco describes how Via programs helped citizens improving Czech communities in 2021.
  • We invite you to read about a community garden and other projects in the Krkonoše Mountains that Via supported in 2021.
  • The Via Bona Awards, through which Via Foundation recognizes outstanding acts of philanthropy each year, were held at the US Ambassador’s Residence in Prague in October 2021. Read more here.
  • On October 1-3, 2021, Cesky a Slovensky Svet, the Pittsburgh Czech and Slovak Language School for children, organized the second Czech language immersion camp for children at nearby Raccoon Creek State Park. Forty children participated in a variety of camping activities along with 30 parent and adult volunteers. This link to photos shows a great time was had by all. You can just imagine the sound of the Czech language filling the woodlands of western Pennsylvania!
  • Engaging Youth in Czech Culture and Philanthropy, a recent article by FoV Board President Carol Hochman, sheds light on the history of volunteerism in Bohemia and Moravia.
  • Facebook users may also enjoy Via’s FB page “Come On, Local Community” which features articles about community development.